Jimmy Fallon Reunites The Cast Of ‘Saved By The Bell’ For The Best Segment The Tonight Show Has Ever Produced

Jimmy Fallon continues to absolutely kill the late night game with his Tonight Show segments. From rapping Brian Williams to his famous lip-sync battles, he always brings his A-game.

On Wednesday night, he outdid himself again by bringing the cast of “Saved By The Bell” back together for one epic reunion.

Slater, Jessie, Zack, Kelly and Mr. Belding all made appearances with Jimmy who played himself. The premise is Jimmy telling the gang that he leaving for New York to be a comedian with hopes of working on Saturday Night Live and eventually hosting his own late night talk show.

You have to watch. The cast looks pretty damn good too, save for Mr. Belding, who looks like he ate Rod Belding. But he’s a Twitter sweetheart, so we’ll let him slide.

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