#tbt 22 TV PSA’s That We Will Never Ever Forget

During the late 80’s and early 90’s, there was this little thing called the Ad Council and Partnership For A Drug Free America. George H.W. Bush was running the free world and he was hellbent on protecting lil Dubya from drugs, tobacco or even dropping out of school. How else would he be able to become President one day? For all intents and purposes, let’s pretend George W. Bush was like eight years old in this scenario and not in his mid-40’s. It works better that way.

During these fantastic times, we were all subjected to every kind of Public Service Announcement there was. Most of the time, it was don’t do drugs or stay in school. Sometimes it was about smoking cigarettes or bullying. They really covered all the bases, but did a really shitty job because those are all still things that are plaguing society. Except for marijuana.

So here’s 22 of the best PSA’s I could find from our childhood. Let me know which ones you remember and let me know which ones I missed. Obviously, like always, these are in no particular order!

1. This Is Your Brain On Drugs


Classic right? So classic that when you say the line, people today still know what you’re talking about.

2. Penguins “Stay In School” PSA

What in the hot damn holy shit was that? What do these penguins have to do with education? I watched it and had to re-watch it to figure out what in the hell they were publicly addressing me about.

3. Against Her Will Is Against The Law

Maybe we ought to keep the cell door shut on this schizophrenic rapist? Just sayin’.

4. A.C. Slater Says Stay In School

Was there anyone you trusted more than Albert Clifford? Nope. He single-handidly kept me in school.

5. Smokey The Bear

It’s a little alarming how not-alarmed these people are that they burned down a whole goddamn forest.

6. Scruff McGruff

This is why everyone secretly hopes they ask for the Chicago zip code on Jeopardy.

7. Gopher Cakes!


The only thing worse than realizing Gopher Cakes weren’t real was realizing that the TV just called you a fat shit.

8. Check Yourself

Yeah, back in the 80’s and 90’s it was all about your body changing and you needed to realize that. Now, it’s “the teachers” who just being assholes. Kids suck.

9. We’re Not Candy


Congratulations, your little mongo is never, ever going to want to take a pill in their life because of these rape puppets. Hell, I doubt your hubs is going to want to pop a Cialis and sit in his and her tubs on the patio later, either.

10. Dontcha Put It In Your Mouth

No, this wasn’t a PSA for what you tell your girlfriend before she goes out on “girls night.” This was somehow teaching kids to not put shit in their mouth by using oversized blue toilet brushes. This is definitely troubling. Listen to the words, definitely works as an anti-fellatio PSA too.

11. You Could Learn A Lot From A Dummy

Vince and Larry sure did do a lot of stupid shit, huh? Wait. Is Larry the same guy who does the Ruggle’s Ice Cream commercials?

12. Don’t Copy That Floppy

If you copy that game you will end the era of computers. Forrealdoh. If you do anything, just watch until the dude with a curly mullet talks about making a Dungeons & Dragons game. I beg you to wait for that.


Hey son, where’d you get this sweet smoke box and where did you learn how to roll up such a tight J? This PSA probably delivered one of the more famous lines in 80’s and 90’s pop culture.

14. I’m Not A Chicken, You’re A Turkey

Buuullshit. I call bullshit. There is no way the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles know these kids’ names. Also, I’d bet that both actors get blazed while watching TMNT and eating pizza. Talk about full circle, right?

15. The Thrill Can Kill Part 1

Just to be clear. Pee-wee Herman thinks crack is bad but he is ok with popping off a load in a movie theater. Got it.

16. The Thrill Can Kill Part 2

Only because Clint Eastwood looked the same in the late 80’s.


The most effective way to get across your point in the late 80’s and early 90’s was to do this new thing called “rapping.”

18. Tell Someone!

Because you can’t mention the 80’s without mentioning Ricky Schroder.

19. Star Wars Smoking PSA


Who knew R2D2 was addicted cigarettes? It would probably make more sense if this was a PSA for huffing and R2D2 was in the back getting high off the sweet nectar of WD-40.

20. Nic A Teen

Poor Nic couldn’t even get a date. I know you remember this.

21. 40% Of All Kids Who Smoke Marijuana Live In The City


Guess where the other 60% live? They live in suburbia where tight jean shorts grow on trees.

22. Desperate Lives

While it’s not technically a PSA, this anti-drug movie is one of the funniest things you’ll ever see. Apparently Helen Hunt turns into Wonder Woman when she does some PCP. Flies through a second floor window and lands on her back and, besides overdosing on crank, seems otherwise unfazed.

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