Thunder Treats Podcast Ep112: Cougar & March Madness, Lydell Played Basketball For Khloe Kardashian, Steve Nash Retires & Peaches ‘n Cream

Welcome to the 112th episode of the Thunder Treats Podcast! DiNunz is noticeably absent from this weeks episode as he was in Washington D.C. gathering drunk stories for upcoming episodes. So basically, he was on assignment. So you’re stuck with Lydell and myself. Deal with it.

March Madness, as I’m sure you are completely aware, is well underway and we have seen some great games and even better upsets. Like March Madness, our Cougar Madness Tournament is also well underway with the Sexy 16 now up and running and ready for your votes! GO VOTE NOW.

Big upsets over the first weekend were Georgia State (Carmen Electra) over Baylor (Halle Berry) and UAB (Cameron Diaz) over Iowa State (Danica McKellar). Saying goodbye to Winnie Cooper in the first round was one of the harder things we have ever done.

We recap all the good matchups in both tournaments and also talk some NBA, NFL and Ohio State National Championships. Also, Lydell played basketball for Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner. So that’s something.

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