After Seeing This, I Bet You’ll Be Eating Burgers For Dinner Tonight

Not sure what you want for dinner tonight?  Today, posted a list of 12 burger joints from around the country that just might become the next national brand, like Five Guys or In and Out.  After reading it — more than once I admit — and drooling all over my keyboard I’m contemplating booking flights to every single one of these spots.

If your relationships are like mine, you and your significant other might be texting back and forth today about what you want for dinner, endlessly going in circles about who wants what.  Text your loved one this link and I’d bet the decision will be agreed upon by both of you.

Here’s a few of our favorites (reviews per, followed by two of our own suggestions.

p terrys

P. Terry’s (address and info)
Est. 2005, Austin, TX
Number of locations: 8
What they do: Old-school charm with new-school beef at a pocket change price point, served by employees who are well compensated and generally happy to see you.
Why they might blow up: It’s hard to deny a $2.25 cheeseburger that’s this good.

super duper

Super Duper Burgers (address and info)
Est. 2010, San Francisco, CA
Number of locations: 7
What they do: Super Duper keeps it simple but succulent under the banner of “fast food burgers, slow food values”. The meat is all Niman Ranch, their mini size is bigger than most places’ large, and despite a short list of toppings, they score points for avocado, blue cheese, and housemade pickles.
Why they might blow up: They’re in the right town to score a huge investor.

american roadside burgers

American Roadside Burgers (address and info)
Est. 1994, Smithtown, NY
Number of locations: 5
What they do: Quadruple-patty burgers on toasted Martin’s Potato Rolls, with ‘Merica-celebrating sides like mac & cheese and wings.
Why they might blow up: They’ve slowly snuck down the coast into the Carolinas. Serious expansion is imminent after a recent acquisition by the company that owns Hooters.

Check out the rest of the list at

We would also like to throw two suggestions into the ring as well…


Swenson’s Drive-In (address and info)
Est. 1934
Number of locations: 7
What they do: They are known for their unique style of drive in where you will always see the employees sprinting. The Galley Boy, a signature double cheeseburger with two special sauces, is a crowd favorite. The tater teasers — tater tots filled with cheese and bits of jalapenos — are sure to cure anything too. Also, their milkshakes are bomb and their soda has crushed ice, which is a simple but fantastic option.
Why they might blow up: They have been dead set on staying within the northeast Ohio area since their inception. However, recently they have debuted a food truck that has done extremely well. Perhaps this will show them that the world is ready for more Swenson’s!

crown burger

Crown Burgers (address and info)
Est. 1978, Salt Lake City, UT
Number of locations: 7
What they do: Their signature burger is the “Crown Burger” which is a quarter pound burger on a sesame seed bun with thousand island dressing, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese and…WAIT FOR IT…Pastrami! It will bring a tear to your eye and a burn to your heart.
Why they might blow up: They have the potential to blow the lid off the burger game but it is a matter of whether or not they want to expand outside of Utah. They have done pretttty well over the last 40 plus years, so they might stay put. If so, this is definitely worth a visit.

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