Lollapalooza 2012: Did you get your Golden Ticket?

By Dan DiLoreto | March 21, 2012

Lollapalooza season is in full swing now with the release of the Souvenir 3-Day Passes, otherwise known as the “Golden Tickets”.  They were released on their website last night around 5:45pm and sold out rather quickly.  In about 3 minutes.  These tickets are coveted by many because they are only $75!  That’s a pretty big…

Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdice Mixtape

By Dan DiLoreto | March 14, 2012

Wiz is back with a new project and best of all it’s free and if there is one thing we know, it’s that people love free shit.  This mixtape is classic Wiz with appearances by Juicy J, Rick Ross and his fiance Amber Rose, among others.  As with any Wiz Khalifa album, expect to hear…

Tiesto: In the Booth – Episode 10

By Dan DiLoreto | March 13, 2012

The final episode of Tiesto’s web series “In The Booth” dropped this morning, as it does every Tuesday.  Unfortunately this week is the final episode of the series.  Hopefully they decide to do it again because it was a pretty interesting peak into the life Tiesto leads.  The ten episodes can all be found on…

The White Panda – Bambooyah!

By Dan DiLoreto | March 12, 2012

The duo of Tom Evans and Dan Griffith, better known as “The White Panda”, have dropped their new album BAMBOOYAH! and it is a fast paced, kick you in the thoat and pull you up off the floor by your lip compilation of songs.  One of my favorites would have to be Mo’ Free Mo’…

DJ Trademark's Party Pack #2

By Dan DiLoreto | March 9, 2012

DJ Trademark and have brought the perfect mix for the warm weather that will be coming our way soon.  We are in the Midwest, so for those of you who have had warm weather already, screw off and just enjoy the music.  In his second Party Pack Friday, Trademark comes out the gate swinging…

Carrie Underwood shows Angelina Jolie what a leg should look like

By Dan DiLoreto | March 6, 2012

Angelina Jolie made herself look like an ass at the Oscars this year by posing like a total moron.  Also, perhaps she should have eaten in the, oh I don’t know, 4 months prior to the awards show so she didn’t look like a kid on those 10 cents a day commercials.  She didn’t just…

Tiesto: In the Booth – Episode 9

By Dan DiLoreto | March 6, 2012

If you haven’t checked out Tiesto’s YouTube series “In the Booth” yet, I highly suggest catching up on the first 8 episodes.  For any fan of EDM, it is a great look inside the business and just how busy a superstar like Tiesto is.  Episode 9 takes us to Wisconsin and beyond on Tiesto’s Club…

The Encore (Chiddy Bang x Hardwell x Deadmau5 x Ellie Goulding) – Basic Physics

By Dan DiLoreto | March 1, 2012

I have to admit, after I first heard this track I became a little depressed.  Usually when something thumps my head this hard it is the weekend…and sadly, it is not the weekend…yet.  But rest assured, I will have this banger going throughout Friday and Saturday nights!  Just listen to the lineup: Chiddy BangHardwellDeadmau5Ellie GouldingPorter…

Armin van Buuren vs. Andain vs. Nadia Ali – Promised Pressure (DJ Rozz Re-Edit)

By Dan DiLoreto | February 29, 2012

I encourage all of you out there that want some exposure to email me using the tab at the upper right of this page.  If you hear something, whether it is your own or not, send me a heads up.  Such is the case with DJ Rozz, who emailed TT with the track below.  And…

Avicii – Levels (George Monev Edit) sleveL – iicivA (Backwards)

By Dan DiLoreto | February 28, 2012

This is one of the greatest ideas I have seen from a producer in a long time.  George Monev took the chest thumper “Levels” by Avicii and spun it backwards.  What sounds amazing forwards sounds unbelievably awesome when it is flipped on its head, which is exactly what this remix will do to you.  Check…

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat (DjCj ADHD Remix)

By Dan DiLoreto | February 24, 2012

I know I posted the RotBott remix of Heartbeat last week, but this one was too good not to post.  DjCj is out of Hollywood and kills it with this track.  A perfect start to the weekend if you ask me!  If you’re around LA (and I know some of you are), look up DjCj…

B.O.B. – So Good

By Dan DiLoreto | February 22, 2012

B.O.B. is getting everyone excited for his second studio album “Strange Clouds” with the release of the third single “So Good”.  Following “Strange Clouds” and “Play the Guitar”, this single feels like the one that is going to get the most airplay on your local radio station.  This song will appeal to the pop people…

Skrillex – Bangarang [Official Music Video]

By Dan DiLoreto | February 20, 2012

It has come to be expected of Skrillex to deliver a wacked out music video to go along with whatever his hot new song is and with Bangarang, he doesn’t disappoint.  I think is my favorite so far.  How many of use as kids wanted to knock off an ice cream truck? Awesome.

Deadmau5 – Maths (Original Mix)

By Dan DiLoreto | February 17, 2012

Joel Zimmerman knows just how to make everyones weekend…By dropping a sick new mix to get it kickstarted!  Maths has some remnants of “Ghosts N Stuff” as well as “Sofi Needs a Ladder”.  I expect to hear bootleg remixes by early next week.  You can download the track on iTunes or Beatport.  Get on it.

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat (RotBott Remix)

By Dan DiLoreto | February 17, 2012

Absolutely love this remix.  Make sure to listen all the way through too.