5 Tips For Growing The Beard Of Your Dreams

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Facial seems seems like it’s here to stay and many people have truly taken the trend to heart. No longer just for hipsters, all kinds of men are embracing the beard. Whether you just have a bit of stubble or a beard to rival Gandalf the Grey of Dumbledore, you want to make sure everything is neat and tidy. Take a look at some of this advice if you are planning to add a bit of hair to your face this wintertime.

Start Afresh

Before you start to grow a beard, start completely from scratch. Have a wet shave and moisturize your skin so you reduce any chance of irritation or other skin problems. Try using a cleansing face wash to clear out your pores and remove any other dirt or dead skin. You may look like a 12 year old boy once you finish, but this is just laying the groundwork for the mighty beard that will soon follow!

Get Past the Itchy Phase

The itchy phase is the part of beard growth in which many people give in. After you have moved past stubble, the next couple of weeks are when things start to get really irritating. Many a man falls at this point, but don’t give in! This phase shouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks and then you will become more accustomed to the additional hair on your face. Beard moisturiser or oil can help you get through this, all of which can be found in various subscription boxes including ones found on Your beard is worth it!

Start to Shape Your Beard

Many people go for a fairly standard look, buy why not experiment with a goatee, chinstrap or even handlebar moustache? Okay, that might be going a bit far, but it is worth experimenting to think about what will suit your face best when you shape your beard. If you are struggling yourself, pop into your local barber who will be able to provide you with some advice. Make sure you invest in a beard trimmer to keep everything neat and tidy.

Deal With Patchy Areas

It can be extremely frustrating when parts of your beard don’t come in as rich and full as you would like. There’s nothing worse than a beard that looks patchy. A common trick is to use coconut oil which can help to fill in any areas that don’t look quite right. A barber will also be able to provide you with other products and advice to help out.

Take Pride

Think of your beard as an accomplishment. Show off the result of all your hard work and use specialist shampoo and conditioner to make sure everything is nice and clean. Think about buying a special beard brush to untangle any knots and prepare you for a night on the town! Finally, just enjoy your new look and the compliments that will inevitably start rolling in!

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