Monday Morning 12 Pack: It's Tourney Time!

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mm12p2Welcome to another work week, ladies and gentlemen! I’m pretty excited for a Monday.  Why? Tourney Time and Green Beers! Yes, perhaps the coolest week of the year is upon us!  The first round games start on Thursday and this year, St. Patricks Day is on a Saturday!  That’s right guys, no one has to go into work the day after St. Pattys smelling like a brewery!

In order to help everyone get to Saturday…or for some, Thursday, and us have gathered some of the better stories from the past week.  Take a look below at the 6 banger we put together, then head on over and check out what Blythe has for you.

Also folks, 2012 Cougar Madness Tournament starts today.  Hold on to you asses!


So I was making fun of Duke for losing on Saturday…
Until UNC got their shit pushed in by the same Florida State team that beat on Duke the night before.  I don’t know what koolaid they are drinking in Florida but whatever it is, I hope they up it for the tourney.  Taking down Duke AND North Carolina TWICE in one season makes them a danger to anyone.

The Manning Sweepstakes is about to heat up…
With Tuesday being the official start to the new league year, things should begin to get real for one lucky team.  The unlucky teams, however, might be the Seahawks and the Chiefs since Manning turned down their offer to come to visit their facilities. Burn.

It’s that time…
Time to spend your Monday morning filling out the better part of 6-12 NCAA Tournament brackets.  So addicting.

My Strange Addiction keeps on impressing me…
First, the lady that was addicted to her boobs.  Now, a girl that is addicted to drinking gasoline.  That might become an exspensive habit come summer when gas prices are supposed skyrocket.

The Chive has a great gallery to start your week…
30 signs that make you say “What the F?”.  “If you see leprechauns, stop drinking” is probably my favorite.

Sid the Kid is making his return…
Although I think Sidney Crosby should sit out the rest of the season to save his brain, I am quickly reminded that I don’t know shit about hockey.  To me, he seems irreplacable and to valuable to lose to early retirement.

Head on over to for the second half of the Monday Morning 12 Pack!

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