Ohio: Home of the Basketball Trick Shot

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That should be the new slogan smeared across every license plate in the good old Buckeye state. The last couple of months we have been getting a regular dose of LeBron making a somewhat impossible, jaw dropping shot. Well now King James may have a little bit of a competition in the form of 14 year old Aaron Shutway from Brecksville Broadview Heights Middle School. His front-flip-into-a-three-quarter-court-shot is something of beauty. So congrats to Shutway on the shot that he, and most of us, will not soon forget. Also, I would like to high five the young gentleman wearing the UNC shirt and low five (with pulling the hand away at the last second to make him look like a jerk) the young man in the Kellen Winslow jersey. Don’t be that guy Bro.

Lebron, you’re up.

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