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You wake up, weary eyed with a pounding headache. As you look around, you can’t see anything familiar. The whole of last night is a bit of a blur, you can’t really remember past about seven o’clock. Suddenly you feel a slight chill. Looking down you realize that you aren’t wearing any clothes. As you try to cover yourself up, it becomes apparent that your hands are tied behind your back. Then it all starts coming back to you, bit by bit. After the strippers and the shots, somebody decided it was a great idea to tie you to a lamppost, naked, in the middle of nowhere. Now it’s the morning of your wedding and you’ve got no idea where you are, or how you’re going to get to the church on time.

Doesn’t sound like too much fun, does it? This might be a worst case scenario that usually exists in the movies, but bachelor parties can get pretty out of hand at the best of times. While you want to celebrate your last night of freedom in style, the typical bachelor party is a bit too much for some people. If you want to ditch the strip clubs and binge drinking in favor of something a bit more relaxed, why not try some of these alternative ideas.

Beer Or Whiskey Tasting

If you’re planning a bachelor party for a groom that prefers to savor his drink rather than chug it down by the truckload, a beer or whiskey tasting is perfect. There’s still an opportunity for you all to get a few drinks down but it’s a little bit more civilized than the traditional bachelor party. The craft beer scene has blown up over the last few years so there are plenty of breweries out there that offer tours and tastings. As well as trying all of their best beers, you’ll get an opportunity to learn a bit about how they are made. This is going to be an afternoon activity so you can still plan something else for the evening.

Beer Spa

The beer spa is sort of like a beer tasting but with a bit of a difference. You’ll get a relaxing soak in a hot tub with a twist. As well as the water, it’s filled with a mixture of the ingredients for beer. The creators of the beer spa claim that it has benefits for your skin as well as being incredibly relaxing. While you’re soaking, you’ll have access to an unlimited amount of beer through your personal tap.

Golf Outing

This is a great option if you’ve got a few older members as part of your bachelor party. Grandad probably won’t want to spend the night doing tequila slammers in a club. If you’re a keen golfer then you could buy your own golf hand cart and set of golf clubs, but if you don’t plan on playing again, you may as well hire them. Golf is a great way to split the day up, so you could have a game of golf with the older guests during the day and then go for something a bit more wild in the evening.

Hunting Or Fishing Trip

Bachelor parties are all about one last testosterone fueled blowout before you settle down into marriage, but being manly doesn’t have to mean partying all night. There’s nothing more masculine than hunting or fishing, and it’s a great option for a groom that loves the great outdoors. It’s also fairly cheap so if budgets are an issue, grab some tents, a bbq, and a few cans and head out into the wilderness.

Custom Restaurant

For a groom that loves his food, why not think about starting the evening in his favorite restaurant and putting a bit of a twist on things. If you speak to the restaurant beforehand and let them know that it is for a bachelor party, the chef might be willing to put together a special menu for you. Choose all of the groom’s favorite foods and give a list to the chef and they can build him his perfect meal.

Movie Marathon

For some people, their perfect night is one spent at home watching movies. If this sounds like your groom, why not put together a movie marathon. When you’re choosing the running order, the groom’s favorite movie obviously needs to be on there. Then you should get everybody that’s coming to choose their own movie, maybe something that was special to them and the groom for some reason. Make sure that you stock up on plenty of popcorn and snacks, you’re going to be settling in for a long session.

Video Game Marathon

Movies might not be their thing, but maybe video games are. If you’re planning on having a video game marathon for a bachelor party, make sure you get enough different games in. It’s also a good idea to get games that are easily accessible for everybody, remember that not all of your guests are going to be avid players.  

Sports Match

Most men love sports so this is always a fairly safe bet. It’s a good halfway point between a booze-fueled night out and a more structured activity. If you are going to go for a sports match of some kind, don’t just get a bunch of tickets for any old game. Choose a big game if possible, and go for some decent seats. It won’t be an event if you’re sitting in the same old seats that you normally get. If you can afford it, why not club together and get a box for the true VIP experience?

Shooting Range

This idea can be a bit hit and miss. Before you book anything up, check with everybody that is going to be coming whether they are ok with the activity. A lot of people don’t like guns so if you book a day at the shooting range, you might be making people uncomfortable or even excluding them completely if they don’t want to come. If everybody is on board, this is a great way to spend an afternoon outside.


Paintball is becoming one of the most popular new bachelor party ideas at the minute. With new locations popping up all over the place, you should be able to find somewhere nearby. It’s an adrenaline fueled day out that everybody can get involved with and it won’t cost that much at all if you split it between you.


Not all men are into their macho activities like shooting or hunting, it’s just not their style. Some men prefer to spend their time making themselves look good. For a wedding party that is a bit more modern in their outlook on masculinity, maybe consider a group trip to the barbers. You can all get a fresh cut and have a traditional wet-shave, making yourselves look great just in time for your night out on the town.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have been popular in Europe for a few years and they are starting to make their way over here recently. The basic idea is, you start off locked in a room with a few clues and you have to work as a team to find your way out. Bachelor parties can often be made up of a few different friendship groups so doing a team based activity like this is a good way to break the ice and help everybody get to know each other a bit before you go out together for the night.

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