The Buzz Words In TV: 4K And UHD TV

Offering four times the resolution of a regular HD TV, 4K TV is the new buzz word in entertainment. Just to confuse matters, it’s also very similar to UHD. UHD stands for Ultra High Definition, and if you’re a movie lover, this is the television you are going to want to put on your Christmas list this year. And while we’re on the subject of entertainment, why not follow the click for all the latest news.

So How Does It Work?

4K TV is all about the amount of pixels that the screen contains. The picture clarity of the movies you watch is immense, with a  resolution of 3840 pixels x 2160 pixels. This is almost as good as cinema quality! Ok, so 3D TV didn’t take off in the way that the industry expected it to, but there is nothing to argue about when it comes to 4K TV. The quality is simply astounding. Your screen will show a much crisper, clearer quality and it is the ultimate movie experience, as the detail you see will be incredible. They settled on the name 4K TV because the pixels are very nearly 4,000. And who’s going to argue over a few extra pixels when the attributes are this spectacular! And better till TV streaming subscriptions are getting on board. Right here you can see the 4K movies you can already watch with this incredible resolution.

Why Should You Buy a 4K Television?

Well, the future is coming. So better to jump on the bandwagon now. Read right here for some of the awesome reasons why you should be buying 4K. There are a still a few small issues to resolve to make it completely accessible, but the content is starting to stream through. So it makes sense to get in now, as the content starts to increase. If you use your television to use view photographs you have taken, you will also notice a spectacular difference. The detail and sharpness you see is so much better than a regular TV. So if you are a budding photographer or a professional, a 4K monitor is an essential.

Blue Ray Is Coming

It’s not here yet, but guaranteed to be here soon. Blue Ray already offers a noticeable difference in the quality of your movies. But Blue Ray 4K is going to make that difference even more colossal. To get technical, it’s going to utilize 1000GB triple layer discs, which is going to be immense. It’s all about cinema quality in your own home. What next?  You’ll want to build your own home cinema room for an incredible movie watching experience!


Not only do you get sharper images with a 4K TV but it will also incorporate HDR. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and means your content will be shown with an extended range of color and accuracy. If you want detail-rich movies, then this is the TV for you. And 4K TV has started to see a price drop, so it is becoming more affordable. It’s a good investment for the future. And with Christmas fast approaching, if there is a technology lover in your house, it really does make the perfect Christmas gift.


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