Zelda BoTW – Video Game Masterpiece

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It’s not very often that an established video game franchise not only ignores decades of established rules, but makes a masterpiece in the process. But this is exactly what was done with the latest Zelda game from Nintendo. The Breath of the Wild has been acclaimed as one of the greatest video games of all time, scoring almost entirely straight 10 ratings across the board. And, it seems, all that had to be done was for a long running formula to be almost completely abandoned.

So what exactly was it about the Breath of the Wild that had fans and critics alike singing its praises? And why did setting aside what was expected turn out to be so beneficial to the game? Let’s take a closer look at why this title has gathered as many fans as top betting sites online.

Zelda Brief History

The Zelda video game franchise goes back to 1986. This original game may not much resemble the more modern Zelda games, but the roots are certainly still noticeable. The central playable character, Link, is present, although look perhaps a few pixels short of how he has come to be known. Zelda is also present, although not playing the more central role she has taken in modern versions of the game.

Either way, the original Zelda game was a smash success, resulting in a number of sequels. It was not until 1998, The Ocarina of Time, that the game finally went 3D. The Ocarina of Time was another highly acclaimed Zelda game, and by this time the formula of the game was thoroughly established. The formula in question was a game that was largely linear in it’s design, with very clear instructions as to what the player was expected to achieve.

By 2011 the Skyward Sword was making use of motion controls for enhanced gameplay, with much improved 3D graphics backing up the instalment. The game was, once again, a smash hit. But in 2015 Zelda Triforce Heroes met a much less enthusiastic reception from fans and critics. It seemed that the legendary franchise was finally hitting a low point. The Formula was perhaps getting old.

Taking Back The Crown

Many had heard that The Breath of the Wild was in development, and expectations were extremely high. Given the past achievements of the franchise, it seemed all but impossible that the new game would live up to such lofty expectations. Upon release, however, The Breath of the Wild took the world by storm and seemed to be a worthy investment. The linear design of previous games had been thrown out, featuring instead a massive open world, completely free to be explored as the player desired. It was new, but with a still very recognizable Zelda style.

Most interesting of all is that The Breath of The Wild is exclusive to Nintendo created consoles, the Wii U and Nintendo Switch, both of which have a great deal less resources and power than other consoles on offer. Hence, the visual fidelity of The Breath of the Wild is well behind the times. Despite this, the game won over players with it’s incredibly detailed world, puzzles, lovable characters, and astonishing commitment to quality.

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