A Musical Note On Gettng Seen, Getting Heard And Getting Picked Up

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The music industry seems to be getting bigger than ever. Nowadays, the advent of the online world makes it easier to find new ways to enter the music world. However, that doesn’t mean that it takes any less effort. In fact, it can muddle where that effort is supposed to go. So, let’s bring it back to basics. Let’s ensure that you’re doing what you need, both online and offline, to get yourself picked up.

Treat it like a job and a business

There are no two ways about it. You need to devote time to the point that it might not even fun at times. Set yourself a schedule for music improvement. This includes setting aside practice time for your instrument or voice, writing time, and learning more about the production and quality of tracks. Look for gigs at least once a week. More than that, focus on the ‘business’ of you as an artist. Consider your brand image, get some top-notch artist photography and build yourself a professional artist site. You need to put in the work not only to ensure you’re putting out the most top quality material but to give yourself the kind of recognizable dedication that scouts are going to be looking for.

Put yourself out there

So much of music is about public perception. But if you’re focusing too much on directly meeting with and solely playing for the public, you might be forgetting others that you should be working to network with. You can connect with all kinds of figures in the industry with online tools nowadays. From managers like Coran Capshaw and record labels to influencers, bloggers, and radio hosts. If you don’t put in the ground work to build a bit more of a profile for yourself, you never know who is actually going to be paying attention to your work.

Get involved in the community

While you should be networking with people inside the industry, you can’t forget the value of those who are expressing their passion just as much as you are. Besides any potential fans, make sure that you’re meeting with other artists. Not only is it a good idea to look for inspiration from wherever you can get it. You should be looking for more opportunities to collaborate with those whose styles can mesh with yours. That can give you the access to another group of listeners thanks to the fans of artists you collaborate with. These joint projects are one of the easiest ways to raise the profile of any artist or band. The more you can make waves with your name, the more likely it is to get noticed by someone with the power to help you make a living from your music.

There is no way to get into the music industry with a half-hearted effort. You have to work on your music, on your career, and in your community, all at once. If you’re unable to do that, then you will never get the kind of recognition that you believe you deserve.

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