A Promoter’s Guide to Throwing a Silent Disco

Throwing a silent disco can be a big undertaking, but if executed properly, it could be an event that both silent disco veterans and newcomers will surely enjoy. Let’s be honest: it looks pretty weird to see people dancing with headphones on, especially when compared to a regular party where loud music and heavy bass is usually involved. This is where promoters comes into play, as they can ultimately make or break the event. Here are some tips for throwing the perfect silent disco party.

Make sure it is organized

Whether you’re throwing a silent disco party or any other party, it needs to be organized. Great organization makes a great party. Call up the individuals and teams involved to ensure everyone is working according to schedule and there will be no delays or last minute surprises. If you are renting headphones, be sure to account for more pairs than your anticipated guest count, as it’s always better to have extras than run out. Also, be sure that the scenery is on point and has helped to establish a theme. When in doubt, neon glow in the dark accessories are always a crowd favorite and lead to massive success.  

Pay attention to detail

When throwing any party or festive event, be sure to secure quality products for your guests. This means checking every pair of headphones to ensure a positive experience for those in attendance. Also, hire a DJ that caters to your crowd. DJs should know what music to play and what not to play, depending on the time, vibe, and nature of the event. Especially in a silent disco, music plays such a crucial role. Therefore, you want to make sure a suitable playlist is established, and the DJ fully understands the vibe and atmosphere you aim to achieve.

Know your audience

Every age group listens to different music, and this is where multiple DJs or channels come into play. One of the cool aspects of a silent disco is that they can usually be set to multiple channels indicated by different colored lights on the headphones themselves. So, by playing different playlists on these different channels, you’re more likely to appeal to your audience and their music tastes. Giving partygoers options is key.

Get a great venue   

In a typical silent disco themed party, your audience will be transported to an alternate reality for about 3-5 hours thanks to high-quality headphones and amazing music. You want guests to be safe and confident singing out loud and dancing with music blasting in their ears. You also want there to be enough room for everyone to be able to dance freely, so be sure to hold your party in a large space. The last thing you want to worry about is your guests complaining that they need an iPhone 7 screen replacement because someone on the dancefloor bumped into them and their phone fell and broke.

Silent discos have become a crowd favorite, and it’s easy to see why. Keep these tips in mind to make sure your party will be talked about for months to come.

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