Is Vinyl Really The Best Format?

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It’s one of those opinions that you will have heard said a million times, often without much to back it up. But is vinyl really the best format for playing and listening to music? It is certainly a popular one; since its inception, it has never really been out of vogue, and still today people everywhere use vinyl for a wide variety of different events and situations. From teenagers in their bedrooms to DJs on stage, vinyl is still big – and big business. But what is it that draws people to vinyl so much? Let’s have a look at some of its top characteristics, according to those who love it best.

Value For Money

If there is anything which might have contributed to vinyl’s gradual decline in popularity, it is the ongoing ease of finding music very cheap, or for free, online. However, the cheapest methods are not usually legal, and when it comes to legal music purchasing, vinyl is often still the best. You might actually be surprised at just how inexpensively you can get your hands on vinyl these days. What’s more, if you know what you’re looking for you can probably end up making a little money. Many record stores and stalls in local markets end up selling classics for much less than they are worth. Even if you’re not into listening to vinyl, approach them right and you can end up making money from them.

Variety Of Systems

Something that sometimes discourages people from using vinyl is the notion that you need to have, or get hold of, an old record player in order to use them. But this is simply not the case. In fact, there are now more turntable options than ever before – including a great many modern versions which won’t look out of place in your living room. As there are more and more ideas about what device to play vinyl on, it still grows in popularity in line with this. If you want to start listening to vinyl today, you can easily get your hands on a suitable turntable – and without paying too much money.

Better Sound

If there is anything that is commonly cited as the number one reason that people use vinyl, it is because it tends to have a much better sound than other formats. In fact, many younger music lovers are often pleasantly surprised at just how much better it can be. The way that vinyl is made means that you usually get a sound which is much more complete, more rounded and is more like the experience of actually being in the same room as the musicians. For this reason alone, it is well worth considering switching to vinyl, or at least giving it a go if you are looking for something slightly different, or for a way to add to your collection at home. Used right, vinyl can change the way you approach music for good, and that is something that everyone can benefit from.

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