Hamilton: The Best Broadway Musical You Might Never See

Hamilton is the winner of 11 Tonys and the Pulitzer Prize. It is one of the most critically acclaimed and widely praised Broadway musicals of all time. But its triumphs don’t stop there. Hamilton has also managed to unite a wide range of people from celebrities to politicians and the general public. Some of it’s most notable fans include Barack Obama,  Beyonce and Emily Blunt. It’s interesting to examine why the show is so popular and how it became the greatest musical you’ll probably never see.

It’s Become Incredibly Relevant

As Lin-Manuel Miranda noted when he hosted SNL last weekend, Hamilton has suddenly become incredibly relevant today. If you haven’t seen it or listened to the songs, Hamilton is about a dirty and ugly fight to become president. At least, that’s part of the story, but it does go far deeper than that. You don’t need to look too far to find what the creator was referring too. Clinton and Trump’s battle to win the presidency has reached new lows, similar to the vicious tactics that Burr and Jefferson used. Hamilton is no longer escapism, and that’s not the only major current issue it’s brought to light.

Embracing Diversity

The cast of Hamilton is one of the most diverse ever to appear on Broadway. Hamilton producers sought out different ethnicities to play the parts of famous historical figures. Part of the reason why this occurred was the genre of the songs. The songs are inspired by some of the biggest names in rap today and from the noughties. Lin-Manuel Miranda didn’t want to just tell the story of America. He wanted to embrace a part of musical history that has been left off the Broadway stage. Hamilton recently came under fire after a casting call discouraged white cast members from auditioning. But in a way, this is completely understandable. Hamilton has been trying to provide a chance for people who have had limited opportunities on Broadway.

It’s Relatable

Hamilton is not just one story, it’s several. It’s about a man desperately trying to rise to the heights of power and prove himself. It’s a love story that falls apart where the couple has to rebuild their dedication to one another. It’s a history lesson providing insight into a part of America’s past that’s rarely spoken of. It’s all these things and much more which is why the audience is just as diverse as the cast members.

Why You May Never See It

Due to the popularity, Hamilton tickets sell for insane prices online. First sale seats always sell out fast and then the tickets are sold for thousands. Now that Hamilton is on tour away from Broadway that might be more chances to catch the best Broadway musical of a generation. There is also a lottery, designed for students who cannot afford the high prices for the show. So, getting tickets isn’t quite impossible, and I certainly advise you try. Even if you are an avid fan of Broadway musicals, Hamilton is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

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