Some Of The Best Memes From NFL Championship Sunday

Watching an NFL game on your couch and following along on Twitter has almost become the must way to enjoy NFL games.  In real time you can flip through your phone and see real time updates and thoughts from your favorite NFL personalities.  But the best part of following a game on Twitter might just be when something funny happens and you get to see how lightning quick Twitter can be with posting pictures of hilarious or exciting moments from the game. 

Here were some of my favorite from Championship Sunday.


You’re an NFL quarterback with big time endorsement deals and you lose a big game… you can expect this treatment every time.


It’s probably been official for a while now… But Lance Stephenson will forever be remembered and used in memes for moments like this.


Michael Bennett taking a Seattle police officer’s bike for a cruise around the stadium after winning the NFC Championship.  My question is why are there bike cops in the stadium in the first place?


Seahawks punter John Ryan posted this himself after the game to show every one his face doesn’t actually always look like it did when he threw his touchdown pass in the third quarter.


One from DiLo himself.  Amazing observation and probably the best meme I saw all day.


Well maybe this is why Seattle needs bike cops at the games?  Fan runs on the field after huge overtime win, naturally drops his pants and chugs from a pink water bottle.


I’d say its probably a safe bet that a Cowboys fan made this one.


Poor Brandon Bostick… Twitter was ruthless towards him after his missed catch on a critical onside kick late in the 4th quarter.


As with Aaron Rodgers and his State Farm commercials, memes dissing Eli’s older brother and his over played endorsement deals were sure to pop up.


Any thing with old school 90’s movies references excite me. Bonus points for trolling bandwagon Seahawks fans.


Thank you Kevin Durant for the perfect meme phrase that will never get old.


Inexcusable!!!  I hope every single one of these people are pointed out publicly and ridiculed.  Leave a championship game early? I hope their friends never let them live it down.


Tom Brady’s fashion choice showing up to the stadium.  Wish the Colts defense would have put up a Dr. Klaw worth fight in stopping him Sunday.


Things weren’t looking good for Pete Carroll at halftime. I imagine he did felt like the Fonz at halftime of the Bourbon Bowl.


Turnovers. Get it?  Bound to happen when Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was his leading receiver in the first half.

Oh boy were Seattle “fans” getting hammered during the game.  Certainly got the last laugh though.


Fat guy logos, always funny.


Gronk and the Rob Lowe DirecTV commercials… match made in heaven.


It was an horrendous day for Civil War General Andrew Luck.  Neck beard has got to go.


Any time Revis makes a play you are going to see this.


Blount quit on the Steelers this season, hated Mike Tomlin and got caught for being a weed smoking wreck.  Some how, he gets rewarded and will now play in the Super Bowl.  Mike Tomlin was probably quite salty.

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