With One ‘U 18 YET’ License Plate, Ohio Takes Lead Over Florida

By Dan DiLoreto | September 25, 2014

There was news earlier this week about a 21 year old girl from the Tampa Bay area who got a breast augmentation to add a third breast to her chest. Jasmine Tridevil, as she claimed to be, said that she did it because she wanted to be less attractive to men and score her own…

Jimmy Fallon Hands Out NFL Superlatives For Packers And Seahawks

By Dan DiLoreto | September 5, 2014

Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon handed out superlatives to members of the Packers and Seahawks since they were opening the NFL season on Thursday Night Football. Our favorite superlatives were those for Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch. Russell’s is above but I highly recommend watching the clip below for the…

Meet The Alabama Fan In Full Houndstooth Overalls With A Fake Banjo

By Dan DiLoreto | September 2, 2014

Over the weekend at the Alabama/West Virginia game in Atlanta, a picture surfaced of an Alabama fan that was dressed in full houndstooth overalls. As awesome as that was, it wasn’t all he was doing right. He also made the perfect choice to go shirtless, rock a trucker hat flipped up and perhaps the most…

Johnny Manziel is ‘Johnny JamBoogie’ In New Snickers Spot

By Dan DiLoreto | August 28, 2014

Johnny Manziel has an endorsement deal with Snickers and I may never refer to him as Johnny Football ever again. In the new spot below, Johnny takes on a new workout regimen by teaching an aerobics class. His name? Johnny JamBoogie. I will never call him Johnny Football again.

Eric LeGrand Has Tweet Of The Night During Beyoncé’s Performance At The VMA’s

By Dan DiLoreto | August 25, 2014

Eric LeGrand may have been injured and paralyzed from the neck down four years ago (he’s since regained movement in his shoulders and some sensation throughout his body), but his sense of humor definitely hasn’t taken a hit since. During the end of the horrible MTV Video Music Awards last night, Beyoncé was in the middle…

England’s Metro Paper Advertises “Baseball Tee”, Makes America Cringe

By Dan DiLoreto | August 25, 2014

This was the ad that was in the July 17 edition of the Metro paper that is given out free on the subways in England. This is clearly some sort of a variation of a football jersey to us, but apparently to our friends across the pond, this is a baseball “tee”. Also, that would…

People Screwing Up The #IceBucketChallenge Is The Best Thing You Will Watch Today

By Dan DiLoreto | August 19, 2014

httpv:// I give them credit for trying to help raise awareness for ALS, but I can’t believe these people posted these fails. My personal favorite might be the girl who slips off the chair or drunk Mario drinking straight out of the Jameson bottle.

Texas A&M Football Players Love Going To The Movies

By Dan DiLoreto | August 15, 2014

If you have played football before, then you know how bad practice sucks. However, what on earth does Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin put his team through during practice that would make them ALL react this way to finding out practice is canceled? The player dancing is my favorite.

WATCH: Peyton & Eli Manning Rapping ‘Fantasy Football Fantasy’ For DirecTV

By Dan DiLoreto | August 11, 2014

There is nothing better than watching these two Super Bowl winning nerds quarterbacks act like idiots on TV. From Saturday Night Live to their ESPN Sports Center Commercials, Peyton and Eli Manning have a gift for self deprecating humor. Check out their newest addition to their reel with “Fantasy Football Fantasy”. It’s a rap song…

Frank Caliendo Narrates LeBron James’ Letter In Morgan Freeman’s Voice

By Dan DiLoreto | July 24, 2014

Frank Caliendo was on Mike and Mike this morning and has gifted to us the best thing you will watch today. His Shawshank Redemption-like narration of LeBron James “Coming Home” letter is probably the best Morgan Freeman impersonation you will hear. Ever.

The One Man Thrill Ride Gives Batting Tips And It Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

By Dan DiLoreto | July 17, 2014

A while back, we introduced you to the One Man Thrill Ride Jimmy Preston. Back then, he was giving us a preview of what his alumni baseball game was going to be like. It was one of the best videos we saw in 2013. Well now it’s 2014 and Jimmy is back at it. This…

Ohio University: Driver Goes Wrong Way on Court Street, Tries to Park in a Bar, Flees the Scene

By Dan DiLoreto | June 27, 2014

Ohio University has been touted as one of the best party schools in the nation time and time again. Seriously, just ask someone who went there, they’re dying to tell you about it (zing). They have become known for their annual Halloween party and their multiple “fests” (High, Palmer, Numbers).

Brian Williams Rapping ‘Baby Got Back’ Might Be His Best Video Yet

By Dan DiLoreto | June 17, 2014

Jimmy Fallon and his crew had Brian Williams on back in April and discussed their newest video which had the anchor rapping to Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice”. The video was hilarious and Brian Williams played right along during his interview, even requesting that his next song be “Luda”. The Tonight Show had other plans…

NBA Draft Translator Can Help You Figure Out What the Hell ESPN Analysts are Talking About

By Dan DiLoreto | June 17, 2014

The guys over at The Whistle helped us get through the muddy waters of the NFL Draft a couple months ago, now they are back to lend a helping hand with their NBA Draft Translator. Most of the time you will flip on ESPN and you’ll get their “analysts” that will give you all kinds…

Hilarious Grey Poupon Commercial Asks, ‘What Do You Poup-on?’

By Dan DiLoreto | June 17, 2014

Grey Poupon used to have commercials in which there was a rich person eating in his car and another wealthy person pulled up and wound down their window, asking for some Grey Poupon like a self-righteous suck bag. The original did churn out some funny references in movies and the term “pardon me, do you…