Tropical House Master Kygo Releases New Single ‘Stay’ Featuring Maty Noyes

The king of tropical house electronic dance music, Kygo, has dropped yet another single off his still untitled upcoming album. “Stay” features Maty Notes as well as the classic flute lines and beats we have all come to love from Kygo.

The tropical house style has been massively popular for Kygo because he is being seen as a bridge between hardcore and casual EDM fans. His live shows are a visual masterpiece to go along with the smooth jams.

Collaborator Maty Noyes told MTV she just kind of thought her song needed a Kygo drop, so she sent him the demo. See, kids? It’s that easy!

“I actually co-wrote the song in maybe two to three hours, laid the vocals and thought to myself, ’The only thing it’s missing is a drop from Kygo,’” she told MTV News. “We thought, let’s try and send it to him, and within days, he almost had it done. It came so easy, was sort of unbelievable. Having not met him during that process, a month later my friend invited me over to hang, and Kygo was there along with his crew. It was totally serendipitous and such a special way to meet. Some things are just meant to be!”

His album will drop in February.

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