Our Official 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Drinking Game

Welcome to the fourth annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Drinking Game! @DiNunz and I are back to gut punch your livers into a midweek hangover. Of course, we must tell you that you should all drink responsibly and all that jazz. Don’t be idiots. It’s that simple.

Our fourth installment of this storied drinking game brings you new challenges as well as some of our classic rules. Like years prior, people will be required to draft a model. We are making the most popular top eight available for the draft. So if you are watching this with eight people, each person gets one. If you’re watching with four, each person makes a two-model team. And so on and so fourth. If you’re watching the show by yourself and participating in the game, foget it. You’ve already lost. Shut it off and spend the rest of the night on AA.org.

The top eight models available for the draft will be Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Behati Prinsloo, Lily Aldridge, Lindsay Ellingson, Candice Swanepoel, Karlie Kloss and Doutzen Kroes. All are fantastic picks, but below is a bit of a scouting report to help you make your choice easier.

adriana vs fashion show










alessandra vs fashion show










behati vs fashion show










lindsay vs fashion show










lily vs fashion show










doutzen vs fashion show










candice vs fashion show










karlie vs fashion show










And now for the rules…

Whenever the model(s) you selected are on the screen, you are to pick another person to drink.  You can do the noble thing and split the seconds or you can be that guy that repeatedly gives the same person all the seconds to drink. Either way is acceptable. The amount of seconds to drink is determined by where you are in the show.

0-14 minutes into the show = 5 seconds

15-29 minutes into the show = 10 seconds

30-44 minutes into the show = 15 seconds

45-60 minutes into the show = 20 seconds

Whoever picks Adriana Lima and/or Alessandra Ambrosio will have a bit of an upper hand here as they will be wearing the famous Fantasy Bras.  They will definitely have an abundance of screen time and will probably be featured later in the program as well.

The above will be the basis for the entire game. It will keep you drinking at a good pace while watching the Angels strut their stuff. However, drinking at a good pace is for BBQ’s and Christmas Parties. This is a drinking game, so we will need to up that pace to somewhere around ludicrous speed. Below are the side rules to the drinking game that everyone must follow.

If your model…

  • Blows a kiss
  • Wears some kind of sports gear (pads, jersey, eye black, etc)
  • Has wings on
  • Shows a butt cheek

Then you are to give out 10 seconds however you deem fair.

If your model…

  • Winks at the camera
  • Is shown running backstage
  • Gives an interview backstage
  • Is shown lip syncing to Taylor Swift

Then you are to take 10 seconds.

We all know that giving and taking drinks are an integral part of any good drinking game. But even more important are the social drinks because that’s where the memories are made…or lost, depending on how you look at it. Since Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are performing, we will throw in some rules for them as well.


You see a model wearing “wings” that wouldn’t allow them to fit through a standard doorway, everyone must chug their beer. The seconds will correspond to the persons waist size. Sorry, big fellas.

You see a model with boots that are above her knees, everyone must drop to their knees and drink for 5 seconds. The last person to make it to their knees must drink 10.

A model comes out with any kind of zipper on her outfit, a waterfall will commence with the host of the shindig starting.

For every 7th belly button that is exposed, someone must do a body shot. All dudes watching? Too bad, that’s a you problem.

ariana grande victorias secret fashion showCBS actually airs Ariana Grande almost getting her head taken off and making quite possibly the worst face possible, everyone must take a shot of the nastiest liquor on hand to try and mimic her sour puss face.

Ariana Grande bends at the waist, as if she is attempting to twerk or otherwise, everyone must drink 3 seconds.

Ariana, while hitting a high note, touches her ear everyone must drink 2 seconds.

Ariana pronounces her R’s as W’s (Bweak Fwee), everyone must kill their beer.

Ariana gets into a squat position, everyone must mimic her. Last one to do so must drink 10 seconds.

Ed Sheeran clearly looks down at a model to check out her goods, the first person to call him out gets to give out 10 seconds.

Ed pulls his collar away from his neck, waves his hand in front of his face, or does any thing to act like whoa these girls are hot everyone do a shot of fireball.


Taylor Swift comes out to sing, the youngest person in the group will start a game of categories of people she has dated. First one to mess up kills their beer.

Taylor — because we know it won’t be an “if” — gets way too excited and starts to do her excited dance… All players must get up and dance while drinking for 6 seconds.

Taylor– because we it’s not going to be an “if” — starts doing her own catwalk everyone must shotgun a beer. Double that if she does that alongside an actual model.

And finally…

When the credits are rolling, everyone must stand up and have a social chug for Marisa Miller and Miranda Kerr. God we miss them.

Thanks for playing guys! And obviously this game is a bit of stretch, right? Use it as outline for your viewing party. If you do choose to participate, let us know on Twitter! We’d love to hear from you!

You can get a printable version of the rules right here!

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