The 4 Best Fitness Motivators for Women

Many women would love to become more fit and maintain the motivation to keep it up for the long term. The problem, however, is finding that consistency that keeps you heading to the gym, park, track or trail each day.

We’ve all been there, feeling that initial burst of enthusiasm that lasts several weeks. Just as often, though, that surge of motivation wanes, and you soon realize you’ve started making excuses to skip your fitness session after less than a week. Sometimes it’s sheer drudgery to wake up early, gather your gear, and head out the door. But the key to developing a fitness habit that you won’t want to miss is finding what motivates you.

Here are the four best fitness motivators for women that might work for you, too.

1. Find a Workout Buddy

If you go to a gym, you should have no problem finding a workout buddy to help keep you motivated and accountable. However, you don’t have to go to the gym to find a kindred fitness spirit. Talk to co-workers about starting a lunchtime walking group or an after-work jogging group. The office is often full of fitness pitfalls, so enlisting your colleagues in your journey can help everyone make better choices, such as visiting a lunchtime restaurant that features healthy salads or encouraging nutritious potlucks.

2. Choose Your Dream Lingerie

Looking good in beautiful lingerie can help drive you to success. Imagine how much confidence you’ll start to feel when wearing your favorite bodysuit or babydoll set. Looking and feeling your best for yourself or your romantic partner is as easy as casually slipping into a lace-up teddy, lacy lattice bralette set or a seductive mesh and lace garter set. Once you start shopping for a piece or two, you won’t want to miss a lifting, or cardio session.

3. Design Your Ideal Music Playlist

Whether you use Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, or music from your personal library, create some fitness-motivated playlists that will inspire and better hold you accountable. If you think it will help, create one for the days you do cardio and another when weightlifting.

The two workouts are different enough that you may need specific music to inspire you. For example, many people listen to heavier music, like metal or classic rock, while lifting and popular dance music while doing cardio. Of course, it’s all about personal preference. So, find the songs or podcasts that keep you moving and will help you make some serious fitness gains.

4. Tap into Your Competitive Side

Fitness can bring out the tiger in you. In fact, many people who start a fitness regimen through running, for instance, sign up for 5K races that keep them continually training to stay fit. Often, these people move up to doing longer races throughout the year that blossoms into a lifelong love affair with fitness. The same holds true for cyclists, swimmers, and weightlifters, all of whom enjoy pushing themselves to do their best.

Find the Right Motivation to Launch into a Fitness Routine That Will Last a Lifetime

It’s vital to develop a fitness routine to help maintain healthy body weight, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and lower blood pressure. To get started, though, you’ll need to determine what motivates you. Whether it’s the idea of wearing your favorite lingerie, spending an hour listening to your favorite music, or finding your inner competitor, now is the perfect time to figure out what inspires and moves you so that you can get started.


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