The Surprising Things People Notice About You On A Date

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If you have a first date planned at some point in the near future, it goes without saying that you probably want it to go as well as possible. One of the major concerns for most people going on a first date is trying to make sure that they come across in the best way possible, and that they make the right kind of first impression on the other person. If you are keen to do this, it is helpful to know about some of the things which can affect the other’s perception of you, including aspects which you might never have considered. In this article, we are going to look at some of the surprising things that people might notice about you on a first date, and how you can use this knowledge to improve your chances of first date success.

Your Shoes

It might sound a little vain, but the truth is that most people will at least unconsciously pay some attention to your choice of shoes. A lot of people will harbour unconscious beliefs about what you can figure out about a person based on their shoes, and for this reason if you put a lot of thought into your own shoe choice you are likely to improve your chances on your first date. In part, the shoe choice depends on what kind of date it is. If it is a fairly relaxed date, such as a picnic, then you could get away with some stylish jordan retro 4 cement trainers, whereas for a fancier function you might need to think about something a little more showy. Either way, as long as it is clear you have thought about your shoe options, it is likely to make a difference to what they think of you.

Your Teeth

Perhaps we can’t do much about how our teeth naturally look, but people are always going to make some kind of judgement based on them nonetheless, so we might as well put as much effort as possible into making them look their best. At the very least you should ensure your teeth are properly cleaned before your date, but bear in mind too that if you are eating on your date you might get to a point where there is food stuck in your teeth without you being aware of it. Excusing yourself to the bathroom to check is the best idea, as it ensures that you are not facing your date with a mouth full of spinach. Teeth might be quite important here, so make sure you remember this.

Your Hands

Not so much what your hands look like, as what they do, because the way you move your hands as you are talking and listening conveys a lot of unconscious information. Primary, if you are moving them too much it is likely to indicate some nervousness, which will come across as a lack of confidence and probably not help your chances. Be sure to pay attention to what your own hands are doing so that you can keep the nerves from showing too easily.

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