How To Impress Big Style On A First Date!

First dates are your opportunity to impress big style! If you have been left with the task of organizing a first date with someone you are a little bit smitten with, planning is the key! Try to be original and avoid the cliche of movie followed by dinner scenario. In fact avoid cinemas at all cost, as you can hardly talk to get to know each other. Appearance is another major factor to take into account as first impressions matter.

The following guide will highlight some excellent first date choices. Once you’ve decided where to go, you can decide on what to wear. Don’t forget personal grooming, which is just as important for guys as it is for girls. Book a haircut and start applying treatments such as Propecia for male pattern baldness  if required. Take extra care of your skin and tackle any blemishes, you really don’t want spots affecting your confidence. Make sure you tame unruly beards or opt for a wet shave if you prefer the cleanly shaven look.

Careful consideration is needed when choosing clothes. Shoes are a big style faux pas if you get it wrong. Women notice shoes and they need to be right for the location and activity.

Before you head off and book a skydiving package for two, try to get some idea of what your date is interested in. Do they love being outdoors or are they more comfortable at an indoor venue such as bowling?

Go for a picnic

A lovely first date idea for the summer months is to pack a picnic full of delicious treats and head off into the countryside. A picnic will give you lots of time to get to know each other without interruption and actually shows that you’ve put a bit of effort into planning the date, by choosing the food, location and picnic paraphernalia such as rugs, glasses and plates. Try not to pack anything citrus in nature unless you enjoy being bombarded by wasps.

Go bowling

A traditional first date option, bowling is fun and a little bit competitive. Bowling also takes away the pressure to talk too much. You will both be occupied with the game, so no awkward silences to contend with. Bowling is an excellent ice-breaker and you could follow up the game with a few beers and a burger.  

See a band

Watching a local band perform will be an excellent talking point, as you immediately have a subject to converse on – music! Music is fun and live music creates a fab atmosphere. It could be a little too loud to talk, so as the date progresses and you get to know each other you could find somewhere quieter.

Book a table at a restaurant

Sounds a little boring, but there is no better way of spending time together. You could try a new venue that neither of you have visited before, or book a table at somewhere exclusive where you need to book ahead. It maybe that your local bistro will suffice, if it’s a favorite.


If you have fantastic cooking skills you could invite your date to yours for dinner. It’s not an easy option for a first date and you will be under pressure to get the whole evening “just right” however if everything goes to plan the date will certainly have the wow factor and it shows effort.  

Go for a walk

Sometimes the simplest of options turn out to be the best. What can be more romantic than a long romantic walk in the countryside. It doesn’t even need to be the countryside, walks around towns and cities can be just as effective. Pause at various points of interest and break up the walk with a pub lunch – perfect!

Visit a theme park or zoo

You cannot fail to have fun at a theme park, everyone is there to have a good time and you will get lots of opportunity for hand holding when you go on the scary white knuckle rides!

A few more extra pointers to remember when creating the perfect first date is not to be late, don’t have too much to drink and  don’t spend the whole time talking about your ex!

Try to let the conversation flow naturally and don’t over talk due to feeling nervous. Conversation is a two way thing and your date is likely to get bored if you talk about yourself all the time. Ask your date questions and listen to their answers.

Most of all enjoy yourself and have fun. By the end of the date you’ll both know if you want to spend more time together.   

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