Procrastination Level 100! You Can Now Play ‘The Oregon Trail’ Online for Free

News came out earlier this week of a website that offers over 2,400 old school video games online that can all be played for free.  Most are original Ninetendo titles with some early computer favorites sprinkled in.

Most notably, the early 90’s childhood favorite The Oregon Trail is available. You can once again venture out on the ol’ dusty trail in the oxen drove sleigh, on an adventure to move your family out west to stake claim to fortune!

Or so I think. I really have no idea why these people were traveling out west…

After about 10 minutes, I realized how many lost hours can be spent on this site.  I clicked around some of the other titles, as well, including Pac-Man,  Tetris and Batman Returns.  Most of the titles are games you’ve never heard of or remember, but the site runs smoothly and the games don’t seem to have any major glitches.

I immediately played a round of the classic Oregon Trail game, I’m happy to report that myself and one other companion successfully made the trip from Missouri to Oregon (3 others died).  I was a carpenter from Ohio (which doubles your total score at the end) and my high score was 1418. I challenge you to try and beat it!

Enjoy and for once your wrists will be sore from internet browsing that doesn’t make you clear your search history.

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