The 2012 Night Before Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

It’s that time of year again.  The biggest bar night of the year is upon us.  It is the season of giving thanks and seeing people you haven’t seen, nor cared to see, in the last year or longer.  For some, they look forward to seeing old friends and catching up.  For others, they dread the conversations that will come up or having to see an ex boyfriend or girlfriend.  No matter what category you fall into, we have just thing for you.

Enter the Thunder Treats Night Before Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.  It is simple because it was designed to make sense even when you’re crapfaced.  Each item on the list is worth 5 points, with a few items that give you the opportunity to double or triple the points.  Split it up between groups of friends, go head to head or just play with yourself (ba-doom ching).  No matter how you decide to play, it is sure to keep you entertained.  If playing against someone or a group, the losing team will buy the winning team a round.  Shots, cocktails or beers, depending on drink of choice for the evening.  Winners call it.  At the bottom you will find a printable version to take out with you!  Good luck!

  • See a hot chick that got fat.
  • See someone wearing a State Championship or Class ring. DOUBLE points if one person is wearing both. TRIPLE points if one is used as a wedding band.
  • See and old classmate with new boob’s.
  • Talk to someone who has been unemployed since graduation.
  • See the former resident high school babe who has flourished into a MILF.
  • You hear someone mention Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. DOUBLE points if they mention MySpace. TRIPLE if Friendster is brought up.
  • See a letterman’s jacket.
  • See someone with a mustache. DOUBLE points if they have no idea what Movember is.
  • You or your friends get a ride home with someone’s parents.
  • See someone who graduated before you, letting you know it’s ok to go hard again next year.
  • Talk to someone who is living with their parents. DOUBLE points if they live with their grandparents…TRIPLE if they have a Willy Wonka situation.
  • See your friends sister who you swore was too young to drink. DOUBLE points if you hook up with her.
  • See a former high school teacher. DOUBLE points if they have a drink. TRIPLE if they have a cigarette
  • See someone you know vomit.
  • See someone from high school who is pregnant.
  • See someone with an ugly Xmas sweater.
  • See people who used to date in high school hooking up.

 Click here for the PDF!

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