Further Proof The Cast From ‘Saved By The Bell’ Doesn’t Age

Last night, Jimmy Fallon loaded up his nostalgia bazooka and completely laid waste to everyone in America with his “Saved By The Bell” reunion segment.

Zack, Kelly, Jessie, Slater and Mr. Belding all got back together in the halls of Bayside High and it was the best five minutes of television we have seen in a while.

The very first thing you probably noticed was HOLY SHIT THEY LOOK THE SAME. It’s almost scary how much they actually look like their younger selves from 20-some years ago. To illustrate, I did some side-by-side comparisons. Richie Belding is the only one who looks much older, but that can be attributed to his weight gain and the fact that he was already in his late 30s-early40s during the filming of “Saved By The Bell.”

zack morris doesn't age

kelly kapowski doesnt age

jessie spano doesnt age

slater doesn't age

mr belding

A Throwback Thursday to end all Throwback Thursdays, if you ask me.

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